Writer Charlie Vascellaro connects Arnold Hano and Mark Harris

Last week I attended the NINE Baseball Conference for authors and researchers. Some of the finest baseball writers, researchers and academics convene in Tempe for three days during Spring Training to present papers on a wide variety of subjects. One such attendee was author and freelance baseball writer Charlie Vascellaro.

I happened to meet Charlie in the research library of the Hall of Fame in fall of 2013, and he is a kindred spirit: Charlie loves baseball and appreciates the irreverent as well as the scholarly side of the game and the human qualities of our national pastime. He is very familiar with Hano’s A Day in the Bleachers and he was kind enough to sit for an on-camera interview.

Charlie is a former student of another exceptional author, Mark Harris, who wrote Bang the Drum Slowly, which is one of Arnold’s favorites. He considered Hano and Harris to be in the same vein as writers with their conversational style.

I’ve asked certain interviewees to read their favorite Hano passages, and Charlie did not disappoint, selecting a section of Hano’s account of Willie Mays’ iconic catch and throw.

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