Welcome to the Arnold Hano Documentary Blog!

Arnold Hano has lived a remarkable life spanning nine decades as one of America’s finest writers. He’s man with a social conscience, a WWII veteran, baseball fan, teacher, journalist and environmental activist. Few have lived and documented the American experience as extensively.

I make films about the human side of America’s pastime, baseball. I read my first Arnold Hano book at the age of eight: a biography about my hometown hero, Willie Mays. I distinctly recall the author’s name, because it was just the second baseball book I’d ever read (the first was about Babe Ruth). I became aware of Hano some 45 years later, and finally read his baseball masterpiece, “A Day in the Bleachers”.

This blog is about the journey of making a documentary about Arnold Hano, who will be 93 years young on March 2, 2015. The list of interviewees is as diverse as Hano’s writings: Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda, Felipe Alou, writers John Schulian, Ray Robinson, George Vecsey, Al Silverman, Chris Epting, Ron Kaplan, Jean Hastings Ardell and Ron Rapoport, along with artist Mark Ulriksen and publisher Andrew Hoyem.

The film has been in production since November of 2013 and is scheduled for  release summer of 2015. Join us on this journey to discover an American treasure.

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